Spring Farm Cottages

A rural retreat just five miles from the city of Bath. Self-catering vacation rental holiday cottages


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Laurel Farm

17 Carlingcott

Peasedown St. John

Bath BA2 8AN

Email: ross@laurelfarm.org.uk

Tel: 01761 420204

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Herbal Journal

Herbal Journal is an essential weekly planner for anyone with an interest in the natural healing world and the medicinal use of plants.www.herbaljournal.co.uk

Blue Buoy Design

Creative Graphic Design for Print And Web

Email: spencer@bluebuoydesign.co.uk


Carlingcott Methodist Church

'The spirit of the miners families who built the chapel in 1851 is still strong in the Carlingcott of 2007'



A gathering place, a community centre, if you will. A place where you can book accommodation for a trip to Norton Radstock area; where kids (or adults) can learn about North East Somerset history and culture, and research interesting places to visit.


Sacred Trust

The Sacred Trust is a UK-based educational organisation offering shamanic trainings and workshops on shamanism from weekends to two-year shamanic practitioner trainings.


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Steiner Kindergartenhttp://www.laurelfarmkindergarten.co.uk/http://www.laurelfarmkindergarten.co.uk/shapeimage_7_link_0